Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas from the Colbert Family!

I hope this finds all of you doing well.

We have had a fun year so far. We have been so excited with the Tiger Football team winning the state title this past year in Little Rock. I'm not sure now what we will do until Soccer season starts.

I think Brenley will go through some major withdrawals she loves her Tigers and knows everything about them. I know to many of you the door above looks just like any garage door.
This is the door our football team comes out before they play and they pound on it.
Brenley is furious if she thinks she is going to miss them coming out of the door. Now for those of you that don't live here let me set the scene. Music is playing and fog is coming out as the door goes up and out comes the Tigers and the crowd goes crazy. The last game at home which was our playoff game. Tony has went to pick Brenley up at dance at 6:30 game time is 7:30 the other kids and I had been in the stadium since the doors opened at 6. She told her Daddy I better not miss my Tigers coming out the door. He told her Brenley we have an hour until game time you are fine. Well the Tigers were warming up on the field when walked in and she looked at Tony and said I missed it. He explained it to her again and she was fine once saw them go back in.
I'm telling you she is a tried and true Tiger fan.

We had Justin's senior pictures made so we are excited to get them back.

The girls are dancing like crazy and are gearing up for their first competition.
Ben is playing Basketball right now with the Boys and Girls club and they had their first scrimmage last night. He is one sore little man.

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