Friday, January 22, 2010

A year in Review

Hello to all! This is not a Christmas letter or even a Happy New Year letter even though we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas Holiday and a Blessed New Year so far.
I thought I would just work our way from January to December of 2009 and you can enjoy a year in the life of the Colbert Clan.
January 2009 was an exciting month for us at the end of January our area was hit with an ice storm that brought everything to a stand still. It started on a Friday and coming home that day Brenley started running a fever which even if our kids are deathly sick they usually don't run a fever. I made a quick frantic phone call to the doctor who called in the magic medicine and Tony and I were off to Wal Mart to get it filled and still be able to get back home. Fast forward a few days and no school and plenty of ice and most folks around us didn't have power. Luckily we kept our power until Thursday. On Thursday when we thought everyone was thawing out and we were to leave for Tulsa to put Justin on a plane for a trip that would change all of our lives.
Since the power was out Tony decided to stay home with Grandma and the other kids and Justin and I headed to Tulsa. The next morning I put him on a plane for his journey and then I headed home. Justin was headed to Montgomery, Alabama to try out for a college soccer team. This has been a life long dream of his and with it being a private university we told him he would have to secure a scholarship in order for it to happen. Well he made it happen and life changed immediately for all of us.
This month was going along just fine. We were making plans to head to Montgomery on Spring Break and gearing up for Justin's graduation. That was until the end of the month. I was out working at a school when Tony called and said he had been laid off now I know this is happening all over the country but he had been at his job for 15 years. We were scared and didn't know what to do so we gave it to God and let him have complete control of it. We were very blessed and 1 week later he had a new job in Bentonville and it has been a true blessing for all of us.
March brought the new job and enjoying having Dad home for breakfast in the mornings.
Soccer season was in full swing and keeping us busy. Dance season was going strong and the girls had several competitions. We also moved into a new house which we had been trying to find before the job change. We found our house and got all the necessary paperwork done and not knowing for sure when the job to start he started a week after he was hired we needed to get moved in as quick as possible. So one Sunday our wonderful Sunday school class from First Baptist Church came to the rescue an had us moved in by the end of the day.
What a blessing that was.
The kids and I headed to Alabama for Spring Break so we could meet the coach. Tony was not able to take off so the kids and I had to fly solo.
We went to Montgomery then to Gulf Shores for a few days to play on the beach.
April was busy with Baseball starting for Ben and Prom for Justin. Cassidy had dance tryouts for junior high during April. Brenley just tried to keeping up with all of them. We had a wonderful time with prom. We have a local park here where everyone meets to take pictures before heading to dinner and prom. Dinner was so much fun for all of us Justin and several of his friends all had dinner together several groups of parents went together and fixed dinner and decorated one of our friends office and served dinner to the kids they loved it and they were safe and the boys liked the price.
May brought recitals,baseball and GRADUATION oh my I was not ready for that. Justin's graduation was held at Bud Walton Arena he had 644 students in his class a far cry from my 86 and Tony's 115. We had a graduation party at our house and celebrated with friends and family and then headed off to other friends parties.
June was spent getting the kids to church camps and Brenley finishing school. July was busy also Justin went to New York on a mission trip and Ben and Cassidy went to Florida to Discovery Cove with their Aunts for their 13th birthday's. Then the dreaded day came when we we left to take Justin to college. We spent a few days down there I think trying to avoid leaving him. That day finally happened and it was awful. We all cried for 3 hours I have never cried so hard in my life.
August was back to school month and that kept us all busy. Then Ben broke his ankle playing football so he was in a cast and on crutches for the rest of the month.
September was football for Ben and dance for the girls.
Then our trip to see Justin and watch him play soccer. It was so good to see him and I felt a lot better seeing how happy he was.
October was Brenley's two week break and Halloween what fun we had.
November was Thanksgiving fun and Justin flying home I hated to see him leave but knowing he would return in a couple of weeks.
December brought him home safe and sound after a long drive. Christmas and our 20 year anniversary we spent it with our kids which makes us very happy.
How would I sum up this year you ask?
BLESSED.Blessed by friends, Blessed by family and most of all BLESSED BY GOD who has been with us through everything this year. I have learned this year that we are not in control and that we need to stop and let God lead us and we have to follow his lead.
2010 is starting busy and exciting.
I hope you and your family have a blessed and Happy 2010.
We Love you

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